"I had the pleasure of meeting James during my last year at University. I am a full time athlete and the year I met James was my final year competing for Great Britain as an U23. I am 6ft 6" and weighed around 98kg but could not lose the weight without affecting my performance. James was bursting with information about nutrition which to be honest went over my head, but the main points where easy to stick to and I started to see results after just a few weeks. Within two months I was down to 92kg and competing at my last U23 World Championships where I won Gold!

Many factors led to this Victory but I know the nutritional advice James supplied me with made the biggest impact. I felt better; my energy levels where higher, I was sleeping better and as a result my confidence had grown. I am now a full time member of the Senior Great Britain Rowing team on the pathway to Rio 2016 and I still use everything James taught me and I still see improving results."  

Matt Tarrant,

Under 23 World Champion 2012,

Senior World Champion 2014, 
Great Britain Rowing Team 2016

"The DNA testing process has been truly informative and useful. James helped me to fully understand the results to enable me to make the most out of my ski marathon and touring training, including massive improvements to my daily diet. I would highly recommend this test for anyone wishing to make the most out of their sporting performance."
Cross country skier.


"I met James after I had graduated from university. When I met him I must stress that my athletic ability was very average. I had been rowing in the university second VIII and struggled with my diet. 

But James's professional approach allowed me to make huge gains, both technically and physiologically, which took me from struggling university rower to competing for Great Britain at the u23 world championships in Varese Italy 2014, having been coached by him for just 8months.  

His knowledge of nutrition is second to none. I worked with him to create an effective recovery strategy. This allowed my physiology to improve far quicker than I could have ever imagined.  

Moreover his professional approach was key in mentoring me through the complicated selection process to row for Great Britain.  
I can't thank him enough!"

William Warr,

World University Champion 2014
World University Games Championships, Great Britain Team 2014,
Great Britain Under 23 World Rowing Championships Team 2014.

Cambridge University Blue Boat

The Boat Race 2015.

"​Over the last training year I’ve got to know and work with James. I’ve been in serious training (two-three sessions a day, six days a week) for the around 8 years and have worked with a range of different coaches – each of whom I’ve learned something from. What is remarkable is that I think James is one of only a couple of coaches I’ve ever had who has read the academic literature. If you ask Jim a question he can tell you what he knows but more importantly tell you how he knows it – probably from a peer reviewed article. This means you can discuss the latest academic views on nutrition and physiology with the needs of your body as an individual.
For me, as a lightweight rower, my diet involves high carbohydrate and low protein. A classic high protein diets caused me to gain weight, a major problem in an event with a weight limit!
 The critical thing that James helped me with is the timing of protein intake, taken at the correct time I can open my “strength pathways” to improve my weight lifting and repair my muscles, while letting me come down on to my race weight.
James not only provides guidance and encouragement in training but also personal support, this is what separates him from other highly qualified professionals,  Jim isn’t just a man who will be there if you perform, he is someone who will help lift you up when you need it. The ability to put remarkable academic knowledge into practice and the associated inherent trust in Jim means that training is successful and fun."

 Donald Evans (Ph.D., MSci., MA)
Gold medal (for Scotland) Commonwealth Regatta (2014)
Gold medal (for Leander Club)  Belgium National Championships (2014)
Bronze medal (for GB)  World University Championships (2014)

"I think the best recommendation for a personal trainer is the results they help you achieve, so I want to highly recommend James Macartney at RJM Performance.
I've just completed 16 weeks training with him, and here are some of my results.

I've lost 2 stone in weight, reduced my body fat percentage by 10 percentage points, my BMI is down 6 points, I've lost 41cm in total from my chest, waist and hips, have increased my muscle mass and improved my aerobic capacity by 24%!

Apart from walking to school, I was doing no exercise, and needed to lose some weight. James has helped me do this, and also to become fit and strong, I can now run up the stairs and beat my boys in a running race, and am training for my first ever 5K with a view to doing a 10K later in the year. I feel completely different, much happier and importantly healthier, am enjoying getting into running and for the first time in my life i have some fitness goals for the year that are easily achievable!

If you're looking for a personal trainer who will also help you with your diet, and keep the workouts different and interesting, as well as keeping you accountable, do give James a call. I'm really pleased I did!"


I would like to recommend James who has recently opened a private gym in Nettlebed and is offering a brilliant personal training programme called Fit Mums.
I started the progamme on 6th January and am now almost 1.5 stone lighter, and fitter and stronger than I've been for over 10 years. I can now beat my 6 year old in a running race and fit back into my nice work suits!
He not only trains you, but gives you diet advice and guidance and lots of recipe suggestions, making it easy to lose the weight continuously. He told me this week that he currently has 12 women doing the programme and he's hoping that between us we'll reach 100kg weight loss by the end of March (that's 15.5 stone!) so it clearly works.
If you're fed up with failing at dieting, and need some structured help, give him a try!”



"My Tummy is flat again! During the last eight weeks my shape has completely changed. No more muffin top or excess fat around my waist. I have noticed the difference in the size of my bottom, I am delighted!
My upper body is much more toned, my legs are getting better, a few more weeks and I will really sort them out.
I don't think I could have come this far without James!"


39 year old mother of two

“Four weeks of training with James produced a huge difference and I needed a whole new wardrobe after 8 weeks. It’s just the feeling of being toned that gives a different kind of confidence.  I cancelled my expensive gym membership which I never used. I now  actually exercise for an hour rather than giving up after 10 minutes and going to the sauna!"
35 year old mum